Aerial view of the Finch's home - Jury tour - 1960

Shared by Mark Dearth - my parents purchased the Finch house sometime before the beginning of the third trial in 1961. My brother and I must have been around 6 at that time. The large windows you see are the living room windows and theyoverlook the valley and face North to the mountains. The house is sort of T shaped like a hospital with bedrooms off a long hallway. (no wonder, Finch, a prominent doctor was reported to have designed it himself) The house itself was very plain with a flat roof. You can see the large Christmas star lying down on the roof of the garage. I believe Finch made it and we put it up for many years. No. 2 in the picture is the five car garage where Finch banged the Nanny's head against the wall. There was a large hole in the plaster wall and I remember my Uncle telling me the reporters had chipped away and made the hole larger so it would show up better in photographs. Barbara Finch tried to get away by running out of the garage down the driveway towards where you see the jury standing. There was a dirt pathway leading from there down to the house just below which is where Finch's father lived. That driveway was one badass driveway and very steep. For years people would drive up the driveway to see the Finch house and have to back all the way down it. Finch’s father was a wonderful man and his grandson, who I knew as Raymie, was a good kid and was about my age so we played together quite frequently when he visied his Grandfather. I remember my father telling me my mom called him at work frantic because no one had told us the jury would be visiting that day. My Dad said he talked to the judge and they worked it out. Knowing my mom the house was in good order and she probably had lemonade and cookies waiting for them.