At 10:00 P.M. on July 18, 1959, Carole Tregoff and Bernard Finch arrived at his opulent house on Lark Hill Drive in suburban West Covina. Barbara Finch was not at home. Just over an hour later, she drove up in her red Chrysler. Finch went across to talk to her. A struggle broke out. At some point in the dispute, Barbara Finch was shot dead by a. 38-caliber bullet. For reasons never fully explained, Finch and Tregoff somehow became separated. Finch, after stealing two cars, made his way back to Las Vegas, where he was joined early the next morning by Tregoff. That same day, Finch was arrested and charged with murder. Eleven days later Tregoff was similarly charged. After reading Dr. Jone's book A MURDER IN WEST COVINA - in it he states that Marie the Finch's maid ran outside after hearing commotion and yelling and then gun shots. Her recollection was that the car was in parked in the garage - empty with the door open and the radio was playing Connie Francis' song "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" - while Barbara Jean Finch laid a short distance away dying from gun shot wounds from her husband Dr. Bernard Finch. Carole Tregoff hid in the nearby bushes until near dawn. It's amazing how the words of Connie Francis hauntingly take you back to the affair and murder and that night... there is a graphic police photo in this video.