Is this Carole?

During recent communications with Jimmy Pappa in 2012, he shared that his wife recently passed away after battling a long illness and that he and his sons still live in Las Vegas... I had shared with him that I was contacted by A&E and they wanted to do a story about Carole Tregoff, the producers called her and she refused to entertain the idea. I passed on the phone number and address to Jimmy --- here is what he said to Carole, he also shared with me...

June, 2012

Hello Gary,

I called the phone number and a woman picked up the phone, she said who is this? And I said are you - stating (Carole's new assumed name) to her, she said yes, I said do you remember who your first love was, and she said some name and it wasn't me. I said well let me tell you who it was, it was me Jimmy Pappa, and we were married for 4 years, plus sweet hearts for 3 years in High School. I believe you are Carole Tregoff, also known as (her new assumed Name), I told her that I thought about her once in awhile hoping that you were doing well, She never admitted that she was Carole Tregoff, but she did thank me for calling.

What do you think Gary? I think it was her and doesn't want it to get out that we know where she is...

Talk to to you soon, your friend,

Jimmy Pappa