__1917__ Raymond Bernard Finch is born
__1926__ Barbara Jean Daugherty is born
__1937__ Carole Tregoff is born
__1946__ Barbara Jean Daugherty meets Bernard Finch after coming to him for medical care
Dec 1951 Doctor and Mrs. Finch marry. Both were married previously; she has a daughter, Patti, from her first marriage.
Apr 1953 Son, Raymond, is born to Dr and Mrs. Finch
_1955__ Carole graduates from Mark Keppel High School in Alhambra, California
__1955__ Jimmy & Carole Pappa buy their first home in La Puente, California
__1955__ Carole Tregoff Pappa begins employment at a medical center owned by Dr Finch and his brother-in-law.
Aug 1956 Carole Tregoff Pappa becomes Dr Finch's medical secretary
02/26/57 Dr Bernard Finch has 1st private lunch with Carole Tregoff Pappa.
Apr 1957 Dr Finch rents first "love nest" apartment in Monterey Park
__1958__ Mrs Barbara Jean Finch learns of adulterous affair
09/09/58 Mrs Finch calls Jimmy Pappa, Carol's husband, blows the whistle
09/10/58 Carole leaves Jimmy Pappa, files for divorce & moves in with her dad
Jan 1959 Mrs Finch sees an attorney
03/21/59 Dr Finch served with a divorce complaint
May/June Carole Tregoff moves to Las Vegas
05/15/59 Mrs Finch claims husband caused bodily harm
05/16/59 Mrs Finch pistol whipped by husband
05/20/59 Divorce papers served
06/11/59 Restraining order signed
07/07/59 Affidavit of contempt of court order
07/17/59 Dr Finch takes late evening flight to Las Vegas to meet Carol Tregoff
07/18/59 Dr Finch & Carol Tregoff drive her car to West Covina & arrive 10:30p
07/18/59 @11:30p Mrs Finch is murdered
07/28/59 Preliminary hearing begins
12/28/59 First trial begins
03/??/60 First trial ends with hung jury after 4 months/40 hour deliberation
11/07/60 Second trial ends with a deadlocked jury
02/26/61 Letter sent by Dr Finch to Carole Tregoff
03/22/61 Case submitted to jury in third trial
03/27/61 Jury for third trial finds both Dr Finch & Carole Tregoff guilty
__1969__ Carole Tregoff is paroled, takes on a new name and works at a West Covina hospital.
__1970__ Jimmy Pappa moves to Las Vegas
__1971__ Dr Bernard Finch is paroled
________ Carole Tergoff & Bernard Finch never meet again after their release from prison.
__1981__ Dr Finch practicing medicine as a country doctor in Bolivar Missouri and is married to a psychiatric social worker.
__1981__ Carole Tergoff - supervisor of medical records in a Covina area hospital
__1983__ Dr Finch has his California medical license reinstated.
__1995__ Dr Raymond Bernard Finch dies.
__2014__ Jimmy Pappa still lives in Las Vegas with his family.
__2014__ Carole still lives in the West Covina area. Carole Tregoff is still living (as of 2014), under an assumed name.